総合探偵社 マインドセキュリティー



We will deliver our investigation report by compiling a file of our printed report (A4 size paper), as well as a video format (DVD). All of our investigation reports can be used at mediations and trials. Witness appeal service by investigators are also available (8,000yen per day).

General Cheating Spouse Investigation, Activity Investigation, and Behavior Investigation Fee.

  1. 調査員1名1時間5,000円~
    5,000 yen ~ per hour; for 1 investigator *The pricing depends on the accessibility to the targeted person (ex. Challenging search environment, overnight search, search during rush hour, etc), but we will do our best to keep it around that price.
  2. 公共交通機関の交通費実費分
    Public transportation fee. For transporting by car: 10,000 yen per day (gas price included) There will be absolutely no additional charges.
  3. 不当な追加請求はありません。事前にきちんと了承を得ていない料金は、一切いただきません。
    We will not take any other fee, other than the price that we agree on before starting the investigation.
学生さんの強い味方!We Support Students.

For young rising stars pursuing in acting, modeling, or TV personality, it is strongly recommended to have bodyguards to prevent themselves from stalkers. We hope to give social contributions and support college students by working with group companies as well as modeling agencies.


ストーカー調査・ストーカー対策 0円~
Stalker Investigation & Stalker Prevention: 0 yen ~
For students, we will do our investigations and provide personal protections for free. We will assist from the initial step (verifying the stalker claim) to the final step (applying for regulation law at the jurisdiction police station). We will further assist in creating a valid declaration form for the jurisdiction police. We will be sure to support you with psychological fear of the stalker (as well handling the grudge that he or she may have) and maximize our emphasis on the importance of this issue for better results.
盗聴器発見調査 5千円~
Eavesdropping Device Discovery Investigation: 5,000 yen ~
Regardless of the area and the range of distance, we will perform this investigation at the same price. (Kanto region and its surroundings or Osaka and its suburbs)
一律5,000円 ※男女問わず
Students, models, and rising star actors (theater performers) 5,000 yen (regardless of gender)
一般の方 一律30,000円 ※男女問わず
General 30,000 yen (regardless of gender)
法人 50,000円~
Juridical Person 50,000 yen ~
Bodyguard & Personal Security: 0 yen~
For students, we will provide these personal security services for free. For the general public, it will be 10,000 yen per hour for a bodyguard. *Prices may vary depending on the type of potential threat. Please contact us for more information.
浮気調査・不倫調査 1万円~
Cheating Spouse Investigation & Investigation of Affair: 10,000 yen ~
If you already have evidence such as an image of your spouse’s Line (messaging app) or Email, and that your spouse has already admitted his / her mistakes, there will be no need for an investigation. However, we will be able to provide assistance on evidence conservation for free. Legal advice is free all year long. Please feel free to record us or take notes during the consultation.
DV(ドメスティック・バイオレンス)対策 0円~
DV (domestic violence): 0 yen~
We accept inquires from the victim’s family and friends as well.
行動調査・素行調査 1万円~
Activity Investigation & Behavior Investigation: 10,000 yen~
We will be able to investigate people such as a friend of one of your family members, a sales man on duty, or an employee. It is also possible to conduct a work situation investigation. In addition, we will also be able to conduct an investigation to confirm the person who is involved with the person being investigated. The actions will be confirmed in a time series.
行方不明者捜索 10万円~
Search For A Missing Person: 100,000 yen~
For example, we search those who may have had self-urgency and possibly committed suicide. On the other hand, we can search for people that you lost contact with over the past several of decades, and wish to get in touch again.
結婚調査・合縁調査・個人信用調査 10万円~
Marriage Investigation & The Mutual Investigation & Personal Credit Investigation: 100,000 yen~
-Gambling habits, debt and drinking habits. -Platonic relationship vs. Relationship with the opposite sex with romantic / sexual interest. -For men, behaviors and manners will be closely examined.
企業信用調査 1万円~
Corporate Credit Investigation: 10,000 yen~
We check from the copy of a registration certificate, to the housing information along with the person’s home address.
Other investigations include: identification of anti-social forces, the context, etc.
裁判証拠収集 1万円~
Collecting Trial Evidence: 10,000 yen~
From criminal cases to civil cases, we will find witnesses and go to the actual location of where the incident had occurred. Then, we will investigate its environment and report our objective phenomenon, as we support our viewpoint with valid reasoning.
反社会的勢力対策・暴力団対策・マフィア対策 20万円~
To Prevent Damage Inflicted by Antisocial Groups & Gang Prevention & Mafia Prevention: 200,000 yen~
For those involved in nightlife industry (bars, nightclubs, etc), or any law regulating adult entertainment businesses in general, please consult with us.
特殊工作 5万円~
Special handicraft: 50,000 yen~
We will send out our undercover agents only if the case is legal. Ex. Our male / female undercover agents will disguise himself / herself as a lover or a family member of the person being investigated.
詐欺調査 5万円~
Fraud Investigation: 50,000 yen~
A follow-up investigation on the con man.
アニマルセキュリティー 0円~
Animal Security: 0 yen~
Protection activities for dogs will be conducted for those who want to rescue dogs that are being abused. Requests from animal shelters are welcome.
Law Regulating Adult Entertainment Businesses: 0 yen~
Please reach out to us for any in store-fraud incidents for places like hostess clubs and bars, or if you feel threatened by illegal accounts receivable.,
If you feel threatened by accounts receivable, please feel free to consult with us. RequestPlease reach out to us if you have any requests.
リクエスト Request
If you have any other requests, please feel free to reach out to us.

不可案件 Unacceptable Requests

  1. 債権回収(借金の取立等)※債務者や詐欺師の所在調査は対応可能です。
    - Debt collection *however, we will be able to investigate the location of debtor or the con man
  2. 別れさせ工作・復縁工作
    - Destroy relationships or restore of marital relationships
  3. 嫌がらせ工作
    - Harass someone
  4. アリバイ工作
    - Set up an alibi
  5. 盗聴器の設置業務
    - Install a listening device near a targeted person
  6. 調査報告書等の偽造や偽証工作
    - Forgery or perjury of an investigative report
  7. 暴行依頼・殺人依頼
    - Assault support request & request for murder
  8. 自殺の幇助等
    - Assistance for suicide
  9. 公序良俗違反の行為
    - Requests that violate the public order and morality
  10. 上記に関係なく弊社が不法行為または違法と判断した内容
    - If we decide that your request (if it does not fall under any of the categories listed above) is illegal, we will not be able to accept it.
  11. 監督庁が警視庁であるために違法行為は一切行いません。
    - Since the Metropolitan Police Department has the all of the authority, we will not conduct any form of illegal acts.
We respond to inquiries from all over the world.
Please do not hesitate to reach out to us.